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The pilots known as the Aces are the stars in the Disney animated series Star Wars Resistance. Disney

Why should Jedi Masters have all the fun in Star Wars

Disney's new animated series Star Wars Resistance will showcase the flying skills and personalities of the pilots instead of the usual Jedi and Sith characters that fans are most familiar with. 

The new series' mechanics, known collectively as Team Fireball, have previously been introduced. Now, thanks to a video posted Friday to the official Star Wars YouTube channel, we have more insight into the elite crew of pilots known as the Aces.

The Aces consist of five pilots who don colorful custom outfits and are paired up with droids. They protect the Colossus, a massive refueling platform on an outer rim ocean planet.

But when there isn't any danger, the Aces love to participate in action-packed races for fun and profit. They have competitions to see who's the fastest flyer, and often take on new challengers making a pitstop at the Colossus.

Let's meet the Aces. Hype Fazon (Donald Faison) is the cocky Rodian full of swagger, while Freya Fenris (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) is a strong-willed and disciplined pilot.

Griff Halloran (Stephen Stanton) is a cranky, no-nonsense ex-Imperial TIE fighter pilot, and Bo Keevil is the cryptic, reserved stunt racer of the team. Torra Doza (Myrna Velasco) is a lighthearted young girl who's eager to make friends while she impresses everyone with her flying talents.

"It's about pilots, racing, espionage -- it's like everything you ever wanted in a Star Wars TV show," 

The one-hour series premiere of Star Wars Resistance will air Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Disney Channel and DisneyNOW, with encore runs on Disney XD. Two additional new episodes will be available on the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel VOD.

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