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Weird Al loves parrot drones, so why not dive right into virtual reality?Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Satirical singer Weird Al Yankovic has set out to dazzle our senses through virtual reality.

He will make his VR debut in an upcoming short comedy film produced exclusively for the Positron Voyager VR motion chair.

The film Shady Friend is all about "a heartbroken hero who accidentally takes some psychedelic drugs his less-than reputable buddy has brought over to his apartment," according to Variety on Monday. 

Shady Friend also stars former Saturday Night Live writer Nick Kocher, and actors Nick Rutherford and Minka Kelly.

The VR chairs turn into motion-synchronized mini-theaters by using robotic rotation and reclining, haptic (touch) feedback, surround sound, and scent technology to create a fully-immersive experience for the viewer, according to the Positron website.

Weird Al's upcoming film promises to best utilize the capabilities of Positron's Voyager VR chairs including motion, scent and touch elements. Positron

https://vimeo.com/210630351 in this promotional video posted last year when the company showcased  Universal Studios and IMAX.

"What I love most about the Voyager platform is that it allows filmmakers to curate VR experiences in a cinematic way," the 

Variety. "Positron has created quite an amazing tool for immersive storytelling."

This is the first time a VR film has been created solely for Positron's VR chairs. 

So far, Positron Voyager VR motion chairs have only been tested out by the public at select events like SXSW.

Neither Positron or Weird Al Yankovic immediately responded to a request for a comment.

No word on a release date yet for the VR film Shady Friend, or where the Voyager VR motion chairs can be found.

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