CENT iOS 12 beta points to dual-SIM support in future iPhones, says report - CNET

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Adding fuel to the rumors about dual-SIM support in upcoming iPhones, now support has been spotted in the code of beta 5 of iOS 12. That doesn't necessarily mean it will actually appear in an imminent iPhone, but it does indicate that Apple's actively working on a solution to make the lives of world travelers easier.


References to a second SIM popped up in iOS 12 beta 5.9to5Mac

That's according to a story in 9to5Mac. We asked Apple for any comments or clarifications but did not immediately hear back.

Chances are you'd have to pay full price for an iPhone with dual SIMs, though -- no carrier monthly plan -- at least here in the US, which might be a reason for Apple to put it in the rumored cheaper model. That's because US carriers generally will only rent you phones locked to their networks.

Dual-SIM support may be especially important if Apple wants to continue growing market share in overseas markets, as expressed in its earnings call Tuesday

"Based on the latest data from IDC, iPhone grew faster than the global smartphone market, gaining share in many markets including the US, Greater China, Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia, Mexico and the Middle East and Africa," Cook said. 

Want to catch up on all the rumor and speculation about upcoming iPhones? Look no further.

Updated Aug. 1 with quote about market share.

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