The fastest Jeep in the West: 2018 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk video - Roadshow

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When Jeep sister company Dodge put out the 707 horse power [UNKNOWN] engine a few years ago, the world put out a cry. Who'll get all the things? And Jeep listened because they took the already bankers [UNKNOWN] SRT and turned into this. The Grand [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] The first thing you need to know about this jeep is that it does not quit. I can feel all 707 horsepower, 645 pound feet of torque, just vibrating underneath my foot. [MUSIC] Now sure, you could tag on along Hit the speed limit, your eight-speed automatic transmission up there in high gear. But you put your foot into it, [LAUGH] the transmission kicks down two, three, sometimes even four gears. The front end rises up and you are just off like a rocket. You're gonna Everything in your desk. Now I haven't had the Track Hawk on the actual track but my colleague John Long has and his report is this is a legit sub four second car. Zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds that puts it on a par with Audi TTRS roadster and the Chevy Camaro Z011L The quarter mile comes in 11.6 seconds, and the top speed is 180 miles an hour. Frankly the only thing out there that can beat it is the new Lamborghini urus. But that is twice as expensive as, and four times as ugly. [MUSIC] When it comes to the twisting, the truck clock really does have a grace that kind of belize it's 5,400 pound So I can put it into sport mode. That means that its going to throw more power to the rear. Its gonna stiffen up the suspension a little bit. And give me a little bit more heft to the steering. Now right now I'm just letting the transmission do its own thing and it does a. A really good job at keeping it into the right gear but when I brake going into a turn, well, it's going to downshift for me automatically right away. So it doesn't wait for me to ask for the power. And what's great about that is that then, once I get to the end of the turn and I want to accelerate, bam, right there ready to go. [MUSIC] There's hardly any body rolls so I can really hustle around these turns, but it's not so harsh that this car doesn't really get upset by any kind of imperfections in the pavement. I mean sure rolling undulations. Yeah, but potholes, they're solid. There are a few other drive modes, like for snow driving and towing, but the [UNKNOWN] ultra is the track mode. It's gonna throw 70% of power to the rear, give you lighting quick shifts and dial down the traction. Control. But it is really aggressive so I recommend that for track driving only. Now with all this power and weight the brakes have got to be really good. So Jeep looked to Brembo. I got damn near 16 inches of rotors in the front with six piston calipers. 14 inch rotors in the back with four piston calipers and that's enough to bring this. thing to a stop from 60 and 114 feet. But be warned. When ou stand on these breaks there is a lot of weight transfer which means this guy can get pretty squarely pretty quickly. And of course with 707 horse power untapped the gap mileage is pretty laughable. The EPA gives it a rating of 11 miles per gallon In the city. 17 on the highway and 13 combined but I'm only getting 10.6, 10.6, I'm sorry feature. And don't even think about trying to get this thing dirty. I mean yeah, it's got all wheel drive, you're gonna be able to handle the snow, gravel roads and things like that but There is no log here, there is no skid plates, and the geometry is build for speed rather than rocks. So just stay out of them. [SOUND] When it comes to the interior looking more at comfort than your luxury although I do have the optional red leather interior which is fantastic. I love it I love this big beefy steering wheel/ I got heated and cooled seats. But really there's nothing about the interior that would cause it to be very, very special tip top. In fact some of the quality is a little off too. Just today I found a little spot here where the stitching doesn't really match up. So be sure to check yours carefully. But in the end would I buy a Trackhawk. I mea yeah it's impractical And it drinks gas like I feel like a bad **** like an oldest tower under my right foot and you just feel like you can conquer the world and you can do it faster than anyone else around you. So in the end I just wanna buy what makes me happy track old makes me happy. [MUSIC] The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk starts at 86,200 bucks but my tester here with 5000 dollars worth of red leather interior, 2000 dollars for a sunroof, and 1445 bucks for destination, that total price goes all the way up to 99,615 smackeroos. That's very Percy, but there's really nothing like it on the road today. [MUSIC]

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