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Netflix released sci-fi mindbender Maniac in the latest three-month period. Netflix

Netflix crested over 137.1 million worldwide subscribers in the three months since July, squashing fears that world's biggest paid online TV service might be on the brink of a downslide. US subscribers were nearly double what Netflix had predicted, while its members abroad also surged more than expected.

The news reassures those worried that a blip in Netflix's subscriber numbers last quarter were an early signal of bad news to come, even as Netflix breaks through other milestones of traditional TV. Netflix, for example, snapped HBO's 17-year streak of dominating the Emmy awards in the latest period, as both Netflix and HBO tied at 23 wins. But that means less to Netflix investors and analysts than subscriber growth, the one metric they track obsessively.  

In its third-quarter results Tuesday, Netflix's international subscriber base increased by 5.87 million members to 78.64 million, topping the 4.35 million additions it had predicted in July. In the US, Netflix added 1.09 million streaming customers, for a total of 58.46 million, besting its 650,000 guidance.

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